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The “Official” Bio

laurie-coombs image on Joni's Table TalkIn 2010, Laurie Coombs was called to love and forgive the man who murdered her father, which led to an exchange of letters between she and Anthony, her father’s murderer. During their correspondence, Laurie was healed from her past wounds, was given grace to forgive Anthony, and witnessed a powerful transformation in Anthony as Jesus brought him to repentance.

Laurie’s story is featured in Billy Graham’s film, “Heaven” (2015), part of the “My Hope with Billy Graham” series broadcast nationally to reach people with the message of the gospel.

Laurie writes  to encourage others to draw close to God and follow Jesus despite their fear or resistance. She is passionate about the topic of forgiveness and feels called to share her story in hope that, through her testimony, many may receive the same freedom she has experienced through Christ. Laurie is a regular contributing writer and blogger for iBelieve.com and Crosswalk.com. Laurie is the author of Letters from My Father’s Murderer: A Journey of Forgiveness (Kregel, June 2015) and a contributor to the NIV Bible for Women (Zondervan, September 2015).

With a background in teaching, Laurie is a passionate speaker on following Jesus. She is the founding director of A New Song International, a Christian ministry that works to transform the lives of orphans and children living in poverty in Uganda. She and her husband, Travis, make their home in Nevada along with their three daughters.

Laurie is represented by Jessica Kirkland of The Blythe Daniel Literary Agency. Be sure to connect with Laurie on her blog, TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.

The “Unofficial” Bio


First of all, I’d like to start by saying that my story is not one I would have chosen for myself. Embracing the story I have been given proved difficult for many years. Quite simply, it seemed no good could come out of such pain, such evil. Now that’s not to say that I had abandoned all my hopes and dreams, but I had mistakenly thought that any good in my future would result in spite of my past, not as a result of it.

But I had grossly underestimated the redeeming power of God.

I have truly witnessed God do the impossible––I have seen Him redeem the unredeemable and display good’s triumph over evil before my very eyes. Just as Romans 8:28 promises, Jesus has and is working all things for good in my life––as He intends to do in every life of all who know and love Him––and I am thankful. Thankful beyond words.

My life is far from perfect. I still struggle through life’s trials, as we all do. I experience the inevitable highs and lows of this narrow road that leads to life as I seek to follow Jesus and do His will––as I seek to not only read the Word of God but to do it. I will never claim that I have it all figured out––I’m living this life from one prayer to the next––but I do claim to know the One who does. And it is He who is my Light, my Shepherd, my all. And it is He who has so generously blessed my lifMe and Girlse.

I am blessed beyond measure. I have not only witnessed God move mightily in my life, but I have also been given an amazingly supportive, loving, godly husband who has been by my side since before the whole mess began. I am surrounded and supported by friends and family. I have had the joy and privilege of staying at home to raise my three beautiful daughters, the last of whom was brought home from Uganda last year! And I have the joy and honor of serving Jesus through writing, through speaking, and through my family’s most recent call to minister to the orphans and children living in poverty in Uganda.

I write and speak to show others just what God can do in and through them when they surrender to His will and His call on their lives. And if there’s one thing I’d like to pass along to you, it is that God still works miracles. He’s still in the business of changing lives, and it is His desire to give you beauty for your ashes. To use the horrible chapters of your life to create something far greater than you are even capable of conceiving.

And so I’m glad you’re here!

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Once again, thank you! I pray you are blessed!


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