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Posted on: April 21st, 2016 by Laurie Coombs

Hello friends! I received word last week that there’s a new short film produced by Moving Works that is being released today that tells the story of a family who adopted from Ethiopia. There are so many adoption stories out there, but what sets this story apart from all the others I’ve seen is how the film makers chose to weave biblical truths throughout the film about the doctrine of adoption. It’s incredible and well worth the nine minute investment required to watch! So take a moment today or whenever you can steal away some time to see this short film. I pray this resource blesses you and your perspective. What an incredibly good Father we have that He loved us enough to have adopted us into His family! L If you have trouble viewing the video above, click here to watch the film on YouTube. Any thoughts? Share in…

Posted on: April 19th, 2016 by Laurie Coombs 6 Comments

We are HOME!!! It’s hardly believable but after all these years of waiting and waiting and waiting, we finally have our little girl home from Uganda! It has been a long hard road that my family and I have had to travel to come into this promise, but with every twist and turn, every obstacle to overcome, we have seen God’s sovereignty lead us, teach us, and grow us in ways that would have never been had the road been quick and easy. There are moments that I just can’t help but wonder how it is that I get to be this little one’s momma. This little girl whose eyes dance and sparkle with each joyful smile and giggle. This sweet girl who quite literally exuded the joy of the Lord. She is ours, forever ours to love and raise up in the Lord as our own. I have once again witnessed the goodness of our…