Modern Day Slavery and The Power of One

Posted on: November 19th, 2013 by Laurie Coombs

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Did you know there are more slaves in the world today than any other time in world history? [Tweet that]

It’s true.

There are an estimated 27 million people in bondage across the world today. This industry is extremely lucrative, “representing an estimated $32 billion per year in international trade,” being the third largest criminal industry in the world (Wikipedia).

“Men, women, and children are being exploited for manual and sexual labor against their will” around the globe. And what’s even more astounding is that many of the victims are children or young girls who are forced into the sex trade and made to service up to twenty men a day. Tragically, the average age of trafficked victims is 12 years old (source, The A21 Campaign). TWELVE YEARS OLD!

This could your child! My child!

But regardless of whose child this is, this is unacceptable. Something must be done!

When I first heard about modern slavery, I thought it was a far-away problem––something that only took place in other, less civilized parts of the world. Never once did I think this was happening in the United States. But this travesty is occurring right here, in our backyard, as well. In fact, according to an ABC News article printed in 2007, “Of the 800,000 people trafficked across international borders every year, 17,500 of them ended up in the United States.”

So, it’s a reality for us all to grapple with.

Now, it seems to me that most people feel an innate desire to leave this world better than they entered it. Obviously, our world faces many difficult problems, trafficking being one of them. And I understand that when we look at any of the issues in the world today, it can be easy to assume that the little we can do won’t matter. That our efforts won’t even put a dent into the problem. But we must do what we can, for that little bit can make a big difference, even if only to one. We’re called to “defend the weak and the fatherless” and “uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed” (Psalm 82:3), and I believe trafficking victims, certainly, fall into this category.

There’s a woman by the name of Christine Caine. She’s amazing and has an even more amazing testimony, being used by God for so many good things. Just like us all, Christine once gawked at the insurmountable problem of modern slavery, thinking “someone’s gotta do something about this,” and it turned out God told her she would be that “someone.” A little while later, she and her husband created The A21 Campaign, an organization that rescues and restores victims of the sex trade and helps prosecute its traffickers.

Take a moment to watch this short video on The A21 Campaign and consider joining the fight against slavery.

{If you’re having trouble viewing the clip, click here to view.}

The Power of One

Now, you may not believe this yet, but you were created to make a difference. You were created to change the world. To have your hand in what God is doing here on earth.

God intends to use anyone willing to offer themselves up for service––Christine’s story is proof of that. All we need is a willing heart and ready feet, and the Lord will give us direction. Your life matters. Your life can produce exponential good in this world simply by doing what you can––right here, right now.

Difference makers do not start out big, but small. We are told not to despise the days of small beginnings because every mighty work of God has its beginning (Zechariah 4:10). And every beginning begins with small steps of obedience toward whatever passion God has given you. For Christine Caine, it is battling slavery. And this may be the area God calls you to as well. Christine, certainly, cannot do this on her own. But if this is not the area, pray for God to reveal the area you’re called to make a difference.

We were not created to simply go through life surviving one day at a time, but were created to be the light to this broken and dying world. To be Jesus’ hands and feet. To love, radically and profusely. Because love like this has the power to change the world.

It’s true, we cannot change the world all by ourselves, but we can do something. So stop saying to yourself, “God somebody ought to do something about that” because I’m pretty sure He’s going to tell you that “somebody” is YOU!

Just one heart sold out for the cause of Christ has power, indeed!

I just had to share this video by Christine Caine titled “Embrace Your Place.” It’s a great message and is well worth your time to watch!

{If you’re having trouble viewing the clip, click here to view.}

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