Love Does Book Winner and Fullfill Magazine Article

Posted on: November 12th, 2013 by Laurie Coombs 3 Comments

Love Does Book Winner

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Today’s the day! Thank you to all who entered to win Bob Goff’s book, Love Does. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your comments on what “love does” means to you! Here are a few.

“Honeybee” said,

“Love does” means expressing your love for God, yourself and others through action. In these times people are so quick to express love in words on social media, texts and even in person but do nothing to back up those expressions.

So true. I completely agree.

Paula, said she has wanted to read Love Does ever since one of the teen girls she mentors told her, “You HAVE to read it!”  Paula says this girls was “practically jumping out of her seat with joy” when she spoke of the book, and I can certainly relate!

“Gracevaga” makes a valid point by saying,

Absolutely believe that one of the reasons the Christian Church has less and less influence in the US at least is because we aren’t truly connecting through love with the rest of the world. We are so caught up in our world of work and church programming that we don’t even see or hear the opportunities God places in our path to show Jesus’ love to His whole, beloved world.

How often do we miss an opportunity to love those right in front of us? And just think of the adventures we might be called on––right at home or possibly around the world––if we simply began to listen and act on those opportunities!

And lastly, it saddened but encouraged my heart to read what “bragamom” wrote. She said,

I’m seeing love does right in front of me as I was recently diagnosed with cancer.  My loving husband has to take me to have treatment everyday without grumbling. It speaks love to me.

Beautiful. Love is powerful, and it even speaks to those who find themselves in the midst of the terrible storms of life. Bragamom, I’m praying!

These are just a few of the responses, but all were wonderful. Be sure to check them out by clicking here and scrolling down to the comments section.


Alright, I’ve kept you waiting long enough. The winner of Love Does is… the reader with the username “gracevaga!”


“Gracevaga,” if you would kindly send me an email {laurie@lauriecoombs.org} with the address you’d like the book shipped to, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Be sure to watch for next month’s giveaway, it’s a close second to this one!

Fullfill Magazine Article

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Fullfill Magazine is a free Christian leadership “digizine”––a Magazine that doesn’t go to print but instead is available to read online or on your iPad or tablet. It’s a wonderful source to become acquainted with.

A few months back, I was asked to write an article for Fullfill Magazine. They wanted to do an issue specifically on forgiveness, and I was honored to share my story with them. The forgiveness issue just released and is available online, so be sure to check it out and enjoy, not just my article but all the gems contained within.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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    Congratulations on getting to be featured in that magazine.  That was a nice article as well as others in the issue.

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