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Posted on: October 1st, 2013 by Laurie Coombs 1 Comment
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As mentioned in my last post, sometimes God leads us into the fire. The objective, however, is not destruction but refinement. We are refined––or sanctified––by fire. Scripture likens the process of sanctification––becoming more and more like Jesus––to the process of refining gold and silver. These two metals are classified as “precious metals,” or highly valued metals that are well sought after. What an amazing analogy for the way God sees His children––loved, valued, and sought after. Yet, these metals, valued though they are, must be refined by heat to obtain a state of purity, which is certainly the case for us as well. In my understanding of the process, the metal is heated by fire, which allows all impurities to rise to the surface. These impurities are removed. The metal cools. And then the process begins once again. Heat, skim, cool. Heat, skim, cool. And it continues until the metal…