{Lessons Learned} God is with Us

Posted on: September 24th, 2013 by Laurie Coombs 1 Comment

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Of all Jesus taught me throughout my correspondence with Anthony, the man who murdered my dad, the most important, life altering lesson was displayed by His mere presence. Throughout this very difficult season, Jesus showed up. He was there through it all. Never once did I doubt His presence, for it was almost palpable.

There were times I heard His gentle whisper beckoning “follow me.” And I would follow.

There were times, after receiving another difficult letter from Anthony, I sat in confusion day after day, unsure of how to respond, unsure of God’ leading. Yet all the while, He was still there––His presence very real––urging me to “be still, and know that [He is] God” (Psalm 46:10). “Trust Me. Wait on the Me,” He said. And I would wait.

Show me the way, I prayed. Show me how. And He would lead.

All throughout Scripture, we see the Lord going before His anointed, preparing the way for His chosen. God calls His people to do His will, but then He equips them, He prepares them, and He goes before them. Deuteronomy 31:8 says, “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.

“Wait for My direction,” the Lord commands. “My timing. I will lead you in the way you should go” (Isaiah 48:17).

Jesus is Immanuel, “God with us.” He is for us. And “if God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31). If our God is with us, what can stop us? When we know Jesus is with us, we are free to follow Him into our unknown, scary places. We can do anything. We can conquer anything through Christ (Romans 8:37). As speaker, Christine Caine recently said, If God calls you to slay giants. He will turn you into a giant slayer (paraphrased).

Whatever it is God is asking you to do today. Do it with full assurance that He is there, with you in this moment, and He will remain with you until the end of time. 

Behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. – Matthew 28:20

How have you experienced God’s presence during seasons of difficulty? Share in the comments

  • vaderalman

    It is an awesome thing to know that God is with us.  It is also awesome to have those people who are “with us” as well through it all.  Knowing someone who loves you and who will be by your side no matter is comforting.