{Book Review} Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me

Posted on: September 10th, 2013 by Laurie Coombs 4 Comments

Book Review

I recently had the opportunity to visit (virtually) with author, Renee Fisher, to discuss the release of her new book “Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me.” Here’s a peek into our conversation:

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your new book “Forgiving Others Forgiving Me”?

“Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me” is a tool to help you process through the pain to find freedom in Christ. At the end of each chapter is journal space with guided questions for when you feel stuck. There are also Discussion Questions at the end of the book if you would like to use this book in a 7-week Bible Study or small group!

2. I’ve heard this book has been a long time coming. Tell us the story behind the book.

I began writing “Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me” when I was 19 (I’m 31 now) when I came home from a failed missions trip with no skin on my hands due to severe eczema. I was mad at myself and mad at God and I knew right then and there if I didn’t learn how to forgive myself I would never find healing and the freedom I so desperately wanted for my mind, body, and soul.

3. What made you realize you needed to forgive others? Yourself?

Forgiveness I believe is the key to finding freedom. I don’t take this lightly because I know how easily my emotions and physical symptoms can spread if I don’t forgive others including myself. Unforgiveness kills! I also recently found out that “Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me” is going to be placed in the Wellness section at Family Christian Stores. This is another confirmation to me (and hopefully to others) to go through the process no matter how painful it is!

4. How has forgiveness impacted you personally?

Even though this is my fourth published book, I finally am able to share my story in its entirety of what happened with me and my health and how I found forgiveness in God. Even though He didn’t heal me right away, I felt free and continued to learn how to live and trust God even when He says no (to our own personal timing).

5. What message do you hope your readers get from “Forgiving Others Forgiving Me?”

My hope is that “Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me” is as cathartic to those reading it as it was for me writing it. I lived it. I painfully went through the process while writing it. I’m so glad I was able to be vulnerable and open and transparent. I know we tend to hide or live in denial when things get too tough. When we choose to forgive (even if it takes time) it’s pretty amazing when God shows up and sets us free: every stinking time! That’s my hope: that others would be set free! Truly free!

Renee is particularly gifted at reaching 20-somethings with her words of insight. I applaud Renee’s desire to be a source of encouragement to many around her. Her heart toward forgiveness is one many desperately need to adopt, for she has come to understand, as I have, the importance forgiveness plays in our spiritual, mental, and physical health. Be sure to check out “Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me.”



Renee Fisher, the Devotional Diva®, is the spirited speaker and author of Faithbook of JesusNot Another Dating BookForgiving Others, Forgiving Me, and Loves Me Not. A graduate of Biola University, Renee’s mission in life is to “spur others forward” (Hebrews 10:24) using the lessons learned from her own trials to encourage others in their walk with God. She and her husband, Marc, live in California with their dog, Rock Star. Learn more about Renee at www.devotionaldiva.com and www.forgivingme.com.