Legendary Faith: Unleash the Faith of Old

Posted on: August 2nd, 2013 by Laurie Coombs 7 Comments

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I want great faith.

I want the kind of faith that allows us to step out of the boat and walk on water toward Jesus when He beckons, knowing we can do all things through Him.

The kind of faith that confidently says to Jesus, “Only say a word,” knowing full well that even the impossible is possible with God.

The kind of faith to follow Jesus into the unknown––into our scary places––regardless of the cost, knowing confidently He will work all things for His glory and your good.

The Presence of Faith

Christian reformer, Martin Luther, was quoted as saying “Faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace, so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times.”

Do you have this daring confidence in God’s grace?

You know, Jesus tells us that even “if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you” (Matthew 17:20).

Great faith is, certainly, our aim, but you needn’t have much faith at all to live an impactful life. [Tweet that] And as I mentioned recently in Real Faith––Igniting the Fire, the presence of faith is what’s important. Once true faith and a genuine trust in Jesus is planted, Jesus is sure to grow it.

So, faith is what we need––in whatever quantity––because faith is what moves mountains.

And don’t we all hope to move mountains in our lives and in the lives of others?

We all possess a deep-seeded desire to matter. Even the most misguided individuals are motivated by this desire to have their life count for something. Yet, this ambition is only possible through faith.

Faith of Old

At times, the works done by those in the Bible seem more legend than fact. We read the account of Elijah stopping the rain for three years and six months. We are told of Moses parting the Red Sea. We hear about Elisha raising a boy from the dead. And we are told all these acts were done by faith.

Hebrews 11 tells about many others who, by faith, obeyed God’s call to greater things. Abraham. Sarah. Isaac. Jacob. Joseph. David. Samuel. The prophets. And many more.

Yet, our forefathers did not possess a different brand of faith than we do. [Tweet that] Faith is the same now as it was then. And by our faith, we have the power to see the impossible happen just as they did many years ago.

Faith is Powerful

Our faith has power. Don’t ever let yourself believe otherwise. [Tweet that]

For it is by faith, we believe.

By faith, we are saved.

By faith, we are made clean.

By faith, we receive.

By faith, we love.

And it is by faith, that we will make an impact for Christ in this world. We simply need to believe and follow Jesus when He calls. I am convinced that if we make ourselves available––if we’re simply willing––God will use us just as He used the men and women of the Bible.

It takes great faith to follow, but I assure you, we have already been given the grace needed to do so. [Tweet that]

Have you seen God move some mountains in your life by your faith? What mountains are you praying for God to move now? Share in the comments

A side note: I was going to write a post this week on how to grow your faith. But honestly, I feel that topic has been exhausted. I don’t need to tell you to read your Bible more, spend more time with Jesus, or get into community with other Christ followers (though, those are good ideas).

If you are interested in reading something about growing your faith, I came across a sermon by Charles Spurgeon titled The Necessity of Increased Faith in which he speaks on the importance of our faith, the need to be careful with our faith, and the need for our faith to grow. It’s a great sermon if you have the time to read it.

Also, last week, I asked you to share what has helped you grow in your faith. Here’s what your fellow readers had to say on the topic:

Mark Allman said:

The following things help me in my faith;
To renew my mind by exposing it to God’s word,
To avoid the things I know I fall too,
To take actions that shield me from darkness,
To pursue Jesus,
To read great challenging stuff by people like you,
To read of stories about people who overcome hardship and heartache, (again like yours)
To have others encourage me by recognition of what I do,
To Pray.

And a user by the name of Singing428 said:

The single most important element which has helped me grow in my faith is staying in God’s Word. There is no possible way to completely love and trust him if we do not know him. It is essential. I also meditate on WHO he is by knowing his names as found in Scripture. My favorite is El Shaddai: All Sufficient God. I love that he so freely reveals who he is. He wants his chosen to know him. Prayer is also important. We talk to our human friends on a regular basis; either through calls, texts, or email. Why wouldn’t we do the same with God. If my prayer life is suffering, my faith does as well. God’s Word and Prayer are the two most important elements of growing in faith.

Thank you both for sharing your wisdom and insight!

  • Mark Allman

    I have been blessed to see God move mountains. I have marveled how God brought my rebellious brothers and sisters to Himself. Even my father late in life came to know him. We are praying for our oldest daughters future husband to show up! 🙂

    I am honored to be included in your post.

    • No one it too far for God to reach!! Praying alongside you, Mark!

      • Mark Allman

        I may have mislead you here. We do not know who my oldest daughters husband is going to be. She has had some tough times with boyfriends and is discouraged about finding “the one”.

        • Ahhh… Well, that can be a tough one! What a great daddy you are to pray for your daughter in this way. Not many fathers take on that role in their daughter’s lives, and it’s great to see those who do! Prayer is so important. In fact, I too pray for my daughters’ future husbands, and they’re only 5 and 7 years old, though not as often as I’d like.

  • singing428

    I am adopted and met my birth family 16 years ago. My adoptive Mom and I prayed for these wonderful people to come to Christ. The oldest of my two half brothers was very deeply hurt by the church he and his wife belonged to when they married. As a result he stopped going. About 1.5 years after I met him, his family came to Christ. My birth mother soon followed. The younger of my two older half brothers is still on the fence, but has definitely become more receptive to the idea.
    Another mountain to be moved is my beautiful prodigal 19 year old daughter. I pray for her daily and surrender he over to God every morning. I know he has a plan and wait with expectant faith for the day the scales fall from her eyes and she makes the decision to walk in His Light.
    My husband and I also have his father and sister, which we are waiting for to come to Christ. Both are not open to this for a myriad of reasons. We pray for them as well.

    • I just realized this is Paula. Am I right? If not, please excuse my presumption, but if it is, I was just thinking about you this morning and prayed for you and your daughter. God does move mountains! Keep believing. Keep praying. Keep hoping. I’ll add your whole family to my prayer list. Blessings, my sister!

      • singing428

        Laurie, Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Thank you for your blog which has become such a blessing to me and many of my friends. May God bless you abundantly.