The Day I Was Given Eyes to See

Posted on: July 30th, 2013 by Laurie Coombs 4 Comments

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Look o’er the people about you––

faces so furrowed with care,

lined and hardened by sorrow

sin has placed on them there;

think of the evil they live in,

hopes none and joys so few;

love them, pray for them, win them,

lest they should perish, too.

                        – Ruth Graham, age 13.

(Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

I love these words.

But more importantly, I love the heart behind them.

Give me eyes to see, I pray. For, when we see as we ought––when we see with spiritual eyes––the world and the people in it take on a different hue.

Checking out at the doctor’s office a few months ago, I stood waiting. The receptionists busied themselves with work. One was helping me. One was speaking to a patient on the phone. Another typed intently at her computer.

A glass window stood open on the other side of the station. Looking through to the waiting room, I saw parents interact with their children as they waited to be called back.

It all seemed so ordinary, mundane even. Yet in the midst of it, I was given new eyes to see these people not as people, but as souls. Souls created by God. Souls loved by God. And souls to be won over.

It is with these eyes that we can make a difference in this world.

When we can see others stripped of all that is outward––stripped of their appearance, whether beautiful or not; stripped of their personality, whether palatable or not; and stripped of all their giftings and all their imperfections––we can finally see them as eternal souls aching to be known and to be loved.

This is the purpose of our lives. To see others as God sees them. To love them. And to point them back to the only true source of love––Jesus.

How might we point others to Jesus? What’s worked for you? Share in the comments

  • Matt Clapham

    Be yourself wherever you are. People will see Christ in you.

  • Mark Allman

    I think it is difficult to see past our view of how we think people show be. We don’t see because we look at them and stack them against what we think is our best. It helps me to try to understand people through their stories and I can see them better as a child of God for knowing that. I think it helps people see Christ if we share our story and they see us not outwardly but based on our life.

    • Exactly. Understanding a person’s story is so important to understanding them. I believe firmly in that, and in fact, that’s what God used to bring me to a place of forgiveness with Anthony!