Living Joyfully Free Radio Interview

Posted on: July 29th, 2013 by Laurie Coombs 3 Comments

Radio Interview

Author and Speaker, Lisa Buffaloe, recently asked me to share my testimony on her radio program, Living Joyfully Free. If you’re interested, head over to her website to listen to my interview. (Just as a bit of a heads up: The program lasts about one hour, so be sure to set aside some time or listen while engaging in some other “mindless” activity.)

Praying you are blessed this Monday morning!


  • Mark Allman

    I enjoyed listening to that interview. It was nice to fill in more of the pieces. I was wondering how the rest of your family has responded. From my experience siblings sometimes are all in on something together and sometimes they can be against someone who wants to reach out to someone who has harmed the family. I hope your family has been all in. Regardless I know it certainly can not have been easy on anyone; you and Travis and your extended family. I am thankful for you and your families willingness to follow God down this difficult path. May you all be blessed.

    • Thanks for listening, Mark.

      I come from a large family. Some have understood this journey and others have not. It’s been trying at times, but I believe that’s to be expected. When truly following Jesus, many will not understand and some may even be hostile. But there’s peace in knowing you’re doing the will of God.

      What’s amazing, though, is that I’m beginning to see Jesus work in all of these areas. And I am certain it is His will to use all of this for the good of my entire family.

      • Mark Allman

        I believe that too and will pray for it.